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The smarter way to work

Say goodbye to paper forms. Now your on-site teams can complete admin on the go. Any checklist or compliance document can be digitised. Data is recorded effortlessly via a smart phone or tablet (iOS or Android).

EasySmartForms is an intelligent construction management app. It enables efficient contract management, planned works, maintenance and reactive repairs. And best of all, it significantly reduces operating costs.

Smarter way to work - Survey Documents
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    Key Features

    Detailed reports

    From photos, to sketches, geo-location, or weather, EasySmartForms can collect a diverse range of data types. It adds clarity and granular detail to your records.
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    Key Features

    Works anywhere anytime

    The app works anywhere anytime over 3G, 4G, 5G or Wireless. It also works offline when no connectivity is available. Simply sync when you reconnect.
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    Key Features

    Construction manangement

    EasySmartForms can be deployed across all your construction management functions including operations, HR & training, health & safety, purchasing, finance and sales.
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    Key Features

    UK based support team

    Designed by construction management experts, EasySmartForms is quick and easy to deploy. Our UK based implementation team will guide you every step of the way.
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    Key Features


    Data security and uptime availability is paramount to your business and ours. It’s the reason we are ISO27001 accredited and adopt rigorous information governance.






Civil Engineering


Facilities Management














  • EasySmartForms---Asbestos-App

    Asbestos Contract Management App

    Deploy risk assessments and compliance checklists for asbestos removal, ACMs, containment, air testing, waste consignment, exposure rates, H&S and sustainability.
  • EasySmartForms---Construction-App

    Construction Site Management App

    Your site workers can easily complete important administration tasks such as site diaries, equipment checks, requisitions or works instructions.
  • EasySmartForms---Civil-Engineering-App

    Civil Engineering App

    Highways, rail, and water contractors use our apps to precisely monitor complex civil engineering projects. Routine tasks become automated.
  • EasySmartForms - Facilities Management App

    Facilities Management App

    From property maintenance and repair, to ‘soft’ services including cleaning and catering, tasks such as submitting inspection audits, outage reports, accidents and complaints are made easy.
  • EasySmartForms---Firestopping-App

    Firestopping App

    Fire protection professionals use the app to support fire risk assessments and fire training. Site managers and surveyors use it to communicate across multiple fire safety projects.
  • EasySmartForms---Glazing-App

    Glazing Contracts App

    We successfully support window, door and glazing specialists with contracts management, fitting, tracking and logging. The app is ideal for both new builds and renovation projects.
  • EasySmartForms---Housing-App

    Housing Management App

    From housing stock administration to new build development projects, collecting real-time data direct from site ensures projects stay on time and within budget.
  • EasySmartForms---Utilities-App

    Manufacturing Process App

    Production checklists, process audits, quality control inspections and defect reporting can be digitised. This results in improved productivity and less waste.
  • EasySmartForms---Transport-App

    Transport Workflow App

    From managing dispatch, vehicles, equipment and assets, through to site inspections, SHEQ and crewing jobs. Digitising your checklists will help you meet deadlines.
  • EasySmartForms---Utilities-App

    Utilities Field Service App

    Customise our forms, document templates and automatic alerts to maintain a digital audit trail across your water, electricity, gas and sewage projects.

EasySmartForms has transformed our operational efficiency. Staff productivity has increased and now site admin is almost entirely paperless. I wish we’d made the leap years ago as the whole process was relatively painless to implement. Onboarding and training is comprehensive, plus the support team are excellent. Price plans are flexible, so as our business grows, we will add more users. Highly recommended!

Frank P – Regional Contractor

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